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Application of the chemical should be carried out with personal protective clothing consisting of:


  • PVC Suit
  • PVC Hand Gloves
  • PVC Safety glasses for eyes protection
  • Gumboots
  • Air respirator and half mask air filter covering nose and mouth

The Pickling and passivation activity must be carried out in a well-ventilated atmosphere. Care must be taken to have sufficient exhaust systems installed across the premises. The Pickling & Passivation operation should never be conducted under direct sunlight.


The contaminated rinsed water resulting from the pickling process will be acidic and contains heavy metal mainly iron, chromium and nickel which have been dissolved from the steel. Therefore the waste water must be subjected to a neutralization procedure. The use of a neutralizing facility is recommended in accordance to the waste limit and regulation of the country the waste must be disposed of as per the local guidelines.

Note:  Mandatory Requirement

Calcium gluconate gel should be readily available in case of spillage of K-2 Chemicals on human body.