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Advantages of K-2 Pickling over Grinding and Polishing


Grinding is a mechanical action that tends to push the surface iron into the metal thereby contaminating the metal surface. This ultimately leads to rusting & corrosion; therefore K-2 Pickling & Passivation is a must after every action. K-2 Pickling removes all the free iron from the metal surface & passivation helps in regenerating the chromium oxide layer that protects the surface from further corrosion.


Polishing action leaves behind tiny invisible black polishing particles or compounds on the metal surface which contaminates the metal surface & the presence of such particles on the surface make way for rusting & corrosion. Therefore it is necessary to carry out K-2 Passivation after every finishing & polishing action so as to have a clean, Passivated, and corrosion resistant metallic surface.

K-2 Pickling & Passivation

K-2 chemicals not only removes the oxide scales, rust particles, annealing colours from stainless steel surface making it sterile & passive but also protects the surface from further corrosion. K-2 Pickling & Passivation done on any stainless steel surface after mechanical or non-mechanical action ensures smooth, metallically pure surface having full corrosion resistance which increases the life & performance of the components.


By K-2Conventional
Metal removal can be controlledRemoval of metal cannot be controlled
Welding scales are easily removed
Welding scales are not easily removed
Surface finish improves
Surface finish gets deteriorated
Fuming is negligible
Heavy fuming takes place
Pinholes can be detected
Pinholes cannot be detected
A uniform smooth & satin finish is
achieved on the surface
A non uniform, patchy, rough discolored surface is
Stops corrosion & restores full corrosion resistance to the treated surfaceDoes not stop or prevent corrosion & deteriorates the surface