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K-2 Products confirm to ASTM-A 380 and ASTM A-967


K-2 Paste is used to clean weld seams and the areas surrounding the welds.


K-2 Paste form covers 90-100 meters of weld seams with 1kg. Of chemical.


  • Add 50gms of SI. 56 Degreaser to 1 ltr. Of water (5% w/v.). Apply solution on the surface for 10-15minutes & then wash thoroughly and allow the surface to air dry.
  • K-2 Paste is to be applied on the weld seams and surrounding area with a brush.
  • Leave the K-2 Paste on the weld seams for 30-45 minutes depending on the thickness of the oxide scale.
  • Brush the surface with a plastic bristled brush and then wash surface thoroughly with high pressure water and allow the surface to air dry.
  • Next apply K-2 Passivation solution and leave it for 20-25minutes.
  • Finally clean the surface thoroughly with demineralised water and dry.


Chloride content in rinse water should be less than 50ppm.

Shake the products well before use.

Do not apply the products on the SS Surface under direct sunlight.

K-2 Passivation is a must after every pickling process.

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